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Company credit management system

Company credit management system


Part of the person in charge: Lu Lihua

Contact number: 86-510-86378872


This system is formulated in accordance with the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and in the light of the

company's actual conditions, in order to enhance the staff's sense of credit and enhance their sense of credit.

Article 1 We should firmly establish the sense of honest management, establish the credit culture of the company and establish a scientific and perfect internal credit management system. We should start with strengthening the internal credit construction, speed up the pace of company reform, strengthen the internal credit management responsibility system, strengthen the external credit management, and establish a strict credit restraint mechanism to standardize the company's credit and build the company's credit foundation.

Article 2 The quality credit construction of the company should be done well, the standardization system and quality assurance system should be established step by step, the standardization service should be promoted, the activities of creating famous brand enterprises should be carried out, and the quality credit construction of our company should be promoted in an all-round way.

Article 3, we should further enhance the awareness of paying taxes according to law and raise the tax credit of enterprises.

Article 4 With the emphasis on strengthening credit awareness, popularizing credit knowledge, publicizing the concept of good faith and moral sentiment with honesty and trustworthiness as the code of conduct, advocating a good atmosphere of "knowing, keeping and using credit", so as to create a harmonious and trustworthy environment for the sound development of the company, and to form a "honourable and dishonest, shameful and innocent" environment. The letter is a good atmosphere.

Article 5 A convention of "four no" commitments shall be established, and "no evasion of debts, no violation of contracts, no evasion of taxes, no fraudulent accounts" shall be regarded as the basic operating rules of the company.

The sixth is to establish the internal credit management system, the whole credit management mode. Starting with the establishment of the company's basic credit management system, we can control the credit risk faced by the company in the whole process by strengthening the pre-management-customer credit control, in-process management-contract management and customer complaint management, and post-management-accounts receivable and after-sales service monitoring.

Article 7 Collection and record of members'credit: Collect members' credit information, including members'registration information, qualification information and commercial credit information, from government bulletins, rewards and punishments announcements, media reports, members' feedback and other channels, and sort it out according to industry classification.

Article 8 For units with good credit records, we will give priority to selecting recommended enterprises to help them publicize and promote many trade opportunities.

Article 9 The accounting system shall be improved, financial management shall be strengthened, customer complaints shall be strictly controlled, contracts shall be abided by, and taxes shall be paid in full according to law.

Article 10 In accordance with the principles of good faith and fair competition, production and business operations shall be carried out in accordance with the law, and supervision and management by relevant departments such as the administration of industry and Commerce shall be consciously accepted. Establishing accounts according to law ensures the authenticity and completeness of accounting data, carries out accounting in strict accordance with the unified accounting system of the state, does not set up external accounts, does not authorize, instruct or force accounting institutions or accountants to handle accounting matters illegally, and prohibits all acts of fraud and fraud. Establish a financial budget and final accounts system, strictly in accordance with the national unified financial system to establish internal financial management measures.

Article 11 The internal mechanism of credit management shall be established so that it covers all aspects of the company's production and operation, so that credit ethics and ideas can permeate all aspects of the company.

Twelfth, on the basis of fully implementing quality management, we should do a good job in promoting the contract model text.

Article 13 Comply with the laws and regulations of the information security industry, ensure the safety and reliability of customer data, provide standardized and humanized services to customers, and abide by service commitments.

The final interpretation right of the system is owned by Jiangsu hundred Tong Plastic Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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